Hong Kong Electronics Fair QCY Concerned by Media Was Invited
13th.Oct 2016 witnessed Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) as one of the biggest exhibitions. The famous event attracted over 4,000 companies involved in audio, multimedia, digital image, household electrical appliance, communication, electrical accessory and some other fields from up to 30 countries and areas. 100,000 people had been joined in the electrical carnival. Thanks to Global Source holding this fair, various suppliers and purchasers accessed to introduce their unique brand cultures to each other.
                                                QCY’s Booth with Strong Technological Feel

                                                    A Catalog of Flagship Items                                          
                                          Multitude Purchasers had been Attracted

We brought about our concept item - TWS Bluetooth earphone Q29 for the exhibition. The groundbreaking item removed wire between two ear buds. With mature technology and low price, we submits QCY brand to valuing cost effective while knowing Bluetooth earphone better.

We all along produce Bluetooth earphones exclusively for the young Just Enjoy It. QCY’s items are always connected with Fashion and Youth, that’s how we prove that we are a Chinese company with industry leading innovation and  charming characteristics.